Friday, December 18, 2009

If you're a vegan, well too bad...

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There has been an argument for years as to when and why human brains started to grow large. The early hominids had brains no bigger than a chimp. One argument was that the brain got big then we started to walk because that freed the hands and the use of the hands forced the brain to develop. That is all very Lamarckian which should have made people wonder. But the fossils now show hominids walking well before the brain developed. Ardipithicus ramidus kadabba walked on two feet 5.2 million years ago but still had the brain of a chimp. It wasn't a free hand that caused the brain to develop. What the archeologists have found was that the brain began to get big after the early hominids started eating large amounts of meat.

A brain needs a lot of high quality protein and energy. A big brain needs even more. Once our ancestors starting eating more meat, the protein and energy was available to support a big brain. We got smart once we started eating meat. Vegetarianism is a decadent sign of civilized man's disconnect from nature. Vegetarians in Nature are dumb prey. I don't need to make the obvious commentary that goes with this. If you eat meat you should be smart enough to figure this out and if you are vegan, well, too bad: next time I'll use really small words. I will just comment that scientists have now looked at vegans and found that the low quality foods they eat does cause shrinkage of the brain, like that isn't obvious. With all the PETA leaders being vegans, their political antics make sense.

Hat-tip to "Rod O'Steele" ...

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